JENSWALTER • Unternehmensberatung, operative Unterstützung & Kunstdenken

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JENSWALTER • Unternehmensberatung, operative Unterstützung & Kunstdenken
"/" by Bastian Muhr und Simon Rübesamen, Galerie JENSWALTHER, 2014
The Blue, fotocredit: Stephan Dill, Öl auf Leinwand, 120*150cm
"The Blue" Stephan Dill, oil on canvas, 120 x 150cm

Sustainability and art

Often, when an exciting and intensive project has been implemented and there is peace and quiet to look ahead, I fall back on interests that accompany me:

Before this post gets too long, I’ve simply recorded it.

I’m curious ,-)

These are excerpts from an article that once again illustrates how much influence we humans have. This could also be steered in a different direction…

With the reference to one of my favorite works by @Stephan Dill (photo credit: the same), which I have been enjoying in my thoughts very often in recent months, the post is already over: “The Blue”

(st) A R T again

artists are still thinking, welding, painting, drawing…

for companies:

once open and safe again why not welcome colleagues, partners and customers with a curated exhibition in your office?

with artist talks (also remote)

or just do remote studio visits as an upper for everyone…

for everyone:

thinking about buying art but you don’t know which piece?

rent it first, enjoy it each day and probably only buy the third piece you rent…

do get in touch…

we just (st) A R T again

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fotocredit: Stephan Hüsch, PITCH LINE by Aldona Kut, Sebastian Kuhn, Tobias Lehner and Matthias Wohlgenannt, GalleryJENSWALTHER, 2017
"PITCH LINE" by Aldona Kut, Sebastian Kuhn, Tobias Lehner and Matthias Wohlgenannt, Gallery JENSWALTHER, 2017
Rent Your Art - Social Distancing
Buenos Aires, 2012, not an artwork, Jens Walther

Art and Artists in Times of Social Distancing

First things first. We are aware of the fact that a lot of different countries and groups of people are affected far worse than artists and ourselves.

This is an idea to support the situation of a group of people who contribute abstraction and thoughts to us, to our society, either joyfully or critically.

To support the beautiful fact of having art and artists surrounding us now and after this period, we would like to connect people with already finished works that are not being presented at the moment or only in an ever scarcer way.

Our initial approach is to bring artworks to you or your home office for a lease that directly goes to the respective artist on a monthly basis for the period of the lease. This should be done within each city limit. On one hand to limit operational complexity and on the other hand to limit national traffic.

Any open feedback on how we can do this in a virus averse way while still reaching out to as many interested supporters as possible of this action is very welcome. Then, as there shall not be reductions to the lease as this shall reach the artists in full, we are still aiming at ideas of how to keep everything as simple as possible…

We will start in Berlin, Leipzig, Nürnberg and Munich.

To be continued…

It’s never too late!

Only recently have I allowed myself to approach professionals for both private and professional matters and ask for direct support. In sport with training sessions, in my personal life together with a singing teacher, to work on my voice and breathing and above all to work on my website together with a graphic designer or sparring partner.
Very instructive!

JENSWALTHER, Dashdemed Sampil, Kosmonaut
Cosmonaut from "Murmeltiermensch" by Dashdemed Sampil, Gallery JENSWALTHER, 2014
JENSWALTER • Unternehmensberatung, operative Unterstützung & Kunstdenken
Work by Simon Rübesamen, exhibition " / " Gallery JENSWALTHER, 2014

Sustainability in companies

In 2018, together with a group of different experts and in an agile exchange with a private bank in Berlin, we developed a method for examining companies’ sustainable business practices and making them transparent. Attitude and striving for more sustainability and corporate transparency in dealing with active or passive setbacks are key points in corporate communication on sustainability.
At, we will start implementing projects on the central topic of sustainability (in progress…).

What kind of project or challenge excites me?

A perfect framework for me is when both can be combined. If, on the one hand, I can fully contribute myself and my experience and, on the other hand, touch a blank spot where I can grow personally or professionally.

JENSWALTER • Unternehmensberatung, operative Unterstützung & Kunstdenken
"/" by Bastian Muhr and Simon Rübesamen, Gallery JENSWALTHER, 2014